The Waves DEX, a decentralised exchange integrated within the desktop Waves Client, allows you to buy, store, sell or exchange digital assets on the Waves Platform. Just place your order to buy WAVES or your first assets!

Currently purchasing WAX tokens directly on the DEX for African citizens is an expensive exercise, with many limitations. Wax African Exchange plans on making it simple, cost-effective and convenient by creating a direct fiat gateway to the Waves DEX.

You will need WAVES to create custom tokens and fuel other operations on the Waves platform, like transferring and trading tokens. There are lots of ways to get hold of WAVES, including through centralised exchanges, through the Waves DEX, and from the Waves client using a credit card via partnerships with third parties. You can trade them on popular exchanges such as Bittrex, and again on the DEX, against many other counterparty currencies, including EUR, USD and BTC

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