The token sale will take place directly on the Waves DEX. Tokens will be released in phases as each phase is completed. The majority of the presale revenue will be used for market making with the Liquid Token service provided by Waves Platform, as well as marketing the main token sale to promote awareness and ensure the success of the project

Promotional air drops for pre-token sale, main token sale and other incentives

75005 WAXEX tokens to be used for promotional purposes and team incentives

Estimated total value $38 703

Private sale for Whitelisted Customers additional 5%

Start Date: 1 – 28 February

250000 WAXEX tokens
available at 0.031667 WAVES each
Estimated total value $96187.50

WAXEX Phase A Token








WAXEX Official Token Sale

Total tokens available for sale in the first year:

4,628,708 WAXEX

Approximate value: $2,402,857

  • PreSale: 5%
  • Toke Sale A: 30%
  • Toke Sale B: 24%
  • Toke Sale C: 20%
  • Toke Sale D: 17%

Token sale A

  • Start Date: 1-7 March 2018
  • 1,445,382 WAXEX tokens
  • available at 0.033333 WAVES each
  • Estimated total value $578,147
  • Soft Cap 46,8% of Phase A

Token sale B

  • Start Date: 8-14 March 2018
  • 1,156,306 WAXEX tokens
  • available at 0.041667 WAVES each
  • Estimated total value $578,147
  • 25% increase from previous phase

Token sale C

  • Start Date: 15-21 March 2018
  • 963,588 WAXEX tokens
  • available at 0.050000 WAVES each
  • Estimated total value $578,147
  • 25% increase from previous phase

Token sale D

  • Start Date: 22-31 March 2018
  • 825,932 WAXEX tokens
  • available at 0.058333 WAVES each
  • Estimated total value $578,147
  • 25% increase from previous phase

Circulating supply after token sale phase

5,000,000.00 WAXEX (5% of total WAXEX tokens issued)

The remainder of the tokens will be held back for a minimum of 1 year since the start date of the main token sale. The rest of the tokens will be released over time, to ensure market stability and liquidity. These tokens will be locked in with smart contracts and multi-signature wallets, once this feature becomes available on the Waves Platform.

Soft Cap – 50% of Phase A

If we don’t reach our soft cap target of at least 50% of Phase A (excluding the Pre-Sale), we will assess the situation and decide if we need to give an extension, or if we need to close the token sale. If the extension period does not result in the reaching of the soft cap target, all tokens will be refunded to the originally purchase account at the price it was originally bought at. No tokens that were distributed for promotional purposes, will be refunded. Any tokens that were bought from third parties, will not be refunded by us. Only tokens bought directly from the official token sale will be refunded. Proof of purchase from our account is required for any and all refunds. Refunds will take place within a 30 day period of the closing date of phase A, or the extension period.

Allocation of funds from token sales


The majority of funds from the token sales will go towards development and infrastructure and the day to operational costs.

  • Founders 5%
  • Market Making 15%
  • Marketing 20%
  • Operations 60%


Unsold allocated tokens

Any tokens that were unsold during the token sale period will be reserved for company use. Use may include marketing promotions, air drops, resale or employee benefits.

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