Revised airdrop guide

Due to the impact of the MassTransfer feature released in April 2018 by Waves Platform, we have decided to revise the WAXEX Airdrop feature.

Since airdrops are now technically available to anyone using the Waves beta client, the airdrop service provided by Waves African Exchange is no longer a specialised service in demand. We have therefore recalculated the way token airdrops areĀ calculated and distributed to WAXEX token holders.

Air drops will be calculated at 0.25% of any wallet with at least 100 WAXEX tokens, paid weekly. This works out at an estimated 1% interest per month on your WAXEX balance, provided that you have a min of 100 WAXEX tokens at the time of the airdrop snapshot each week.

This will further minimise the amount of WAXEX tokens released into the market in an effort to maintain scarcity.

The new airdrop structure will come into effect on 30 April 2018.

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