Shaking things up!

At Waves African Exchange there is no such thing as standing still, and like the tides of the ocean, we are in perpetual motion.

As with the tide, some things go out and new things come in.

We would like to take this time to say farewell to Bram Nagtegals and Gordon Bishop. Bram has moved on to pursue his own projects and Gordon’s fixed term contract has come to end.

And while we say goodbye to some, we welcome new life into the project.

First, we would like to introduce our two new community managers who eagerly stand by to answer your questions on

Last but definitely not least,  we would like to give a warm welcome to Adnane Zarrouk, our new developer who is working on the KYC integration and Fiat Gateway Portals.

Adnane Zarrouk

Adnane Zarrouk


Discord: Adnane Zarrouk#7957

Oleksandr Liesnik

Oleksandr Liesnik

Community Manager

Telegram: @ghostwg
Prashin Varshney

Prashin Varshney

Community Manager

Telegram: @SKbetafication

Progress so far…

We are happy to announce that we have successfully integrated the CIVIC API with our WAXEX ZAR Gateway. The next step is to integrate the deposit and withdraw function within the new gateway framework. Once this has been concluded, we will open the ZAR gateway for testing to a limited amount of South African citizens.

Once the testing period has been concluded we will officially open the ZAR gateway to all South African Citizens. We estimate the official opening be in June 2018.


Voting for the next WAXEX Fiat Gateway

Voting for the next WAXEX Fiat gateway be open in June 2018.

Each nomination will have its unique waves wallet address. A target amount will be set for each nomination. Implementation of the gateway will start as soon as the nomination wallet goal is reached. Stay tuned for further updates regarding the voting process.

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