We are running a special promotion where one of our supporters can walk away with a brand new copy of “How to Be Human: The Ultimate Guide to Your Amazing Existence Hardcover, by New Scientist Magazine in June 2017.

You will absolutely LOVE this amazing, fully illustrated book, packed with the latest scientific opinions, all about what makes YOU tick. This is a book about you! Chapters include; Human Nature, The Self, The Body, Get Inside Your Head, Your Deep Past, Possessions, Friends and Relationships, Emotions, Life Stages, Sex and Gender, Wellbeing, Death and How well do you know yourself. The words were written by Graham Lawton and Jeremy Webb. Illustrations by Jennifer Daniel.

How do I take part?

We are hosting an auction for the book, which includes shipping to the value of 2600 WAXEX.

To take part in the auction you can send ANY amount of WAXEX to the following wallet: 
3P6w8KAWHYMkWbiscNeCtiv1RqQXA8rxkbX (ALIAS: waxex-comp).

The Auction will run till the 30th of November, 12 am South Africa time.

Once the time has run out, we will calculate the total amount bid by each wallet from the start of the competition until the cut off time. You can bid as many times as you like. The wallet that has bid the MOST WAXEX tokens in total, will become the proud owner of this amazing book

PLEASE NOTE: The total amount of bids received in sum from all bidders need be equal or more than 2600 WAXEX for the entirety of the auction.

If the auction period ends before we have reached our target, we will keep the bidding open until the minimum amount of 2600 WAXEX has been received from the sum of the bidders.

The bids will be calculated PER SENDING WALLET, and not PER CONTESTANT. If you are bidding multiple times, please use the same wallet to send the tokens from, to avoid splitting your balance and to ensure you maximise your chance to claim the prize!


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