As smart contracts are being rolled out on Waves Platform, it makes way for all kinds of great dApps, especially within the gaming industry. One of the first projects to enter the arena is Waves Mania. On their website,, you can find 2 games built around the Waves Platform ecosystem.

There is a Waves token trading simulation game, that rewards players with waves tokens and unique waves based trading cards for winners and participants.

The second game allows you to buy tokenised real estate and earn waves for every transaction down the line.

WAXEX is sponsoring the trading competition starting on Nov 24. The three top scores for that round will all receive WXX tokens!

250 WXX tokens for 1st place
150 WXX tokens for 2nd place
100 WXX tokens for 3d place


About The Waves Mania Trading Game

Start your game with 1,000 Waves of trading money. Use it to buy and sell tokens and build your Waves fortune in 4 trading days. The best players will be rewarded with real a sponsor token prize when the timer ends.

The current game mode is: Highscore in 4 trading days with max. 1 associate deal per day.

Prizes and Reward Cards are rewarded at the end of the round.

About the City Game

This is where you can own digital property and sell digital properties and benefit from the growth of Waves Mania City. It is an adventure with destination unknown, do join and let’s build Waves Mania City together!


You buy a house in Waves Mania City and you will get a house AND a lane with 1, 2 or 3 vacant lots. When these vacant lots in your lane are sold, you will immediately get half of the sales value in your Waves Mania City Bank account. The other half of the sales are halved down to the lane owners before you. This way 100% of the City income is transferred back to the Cities inhabitants and you will have income from the future growth of your city block. We all benefit from the Waves Mania City growth.

The Waves Mania City Expansion Game is about growing a city together and enjoying the benefits of growth together. It is based on the unique, fair and transparent Payment Dripdown System (PDS).

Once you buy a house, half of the proceeds will go directly to the owner of the lane your house is located on. The other half will be halved down and go to the lane owner before that. This process is repeated until the first lane is reached.

So if you sell a property on your lane, you will immediately receive half of the proceeds on your Waves Mania Bank account. The other half is distributed over the city lanes before you.

This also means that future sala es resulting from property you sold, will be profitable to you. The further away in the city the property is sold, the smaller the amount you will receive.

When you are done with your property in Waves Mania City, you can return it to Waves Mania. Your payments will then stop and you are eligable for payout of your savings on your Waves Mania Bank Account. The minimum threshold for payout of your account is 1 Waves.

Waves Mania Reward Cards and Collectables

The Waves Mania Reward Cards are Tokenized Achievement Rewards. You can obtain them by being active on Waves Mania. The Waves Mania Collectables are Tokenized Collector Cards.

Waves Mania has 9 basic Reward Cards. The 9 cards are rewarded for different achievements. You can receive the Member Card simply by signing in to Waves Mania using Telegram and join the Waves Mania Telegram group. 

The Player Card is distributed to all who play a game in the Trading Game Competition.

Specific combinations of Reward Cards are tradable for the Collectable Cards. Currently, 5 Collector Cards are available.

Implementation of blockchain technology

Apart from being fun and novel, the Reward Cards can provide some a new insight into tokens and blockchain use. The blockchain mechanics behind the cards are quite simple but give a great example of how blockchain and tokens can be implemented.

The Waves Mania Reward Cards are Waves based tokens combined with an interface that can represent the tokens by showing a digital file. The cards are like any token and can be transferred from one wallet to another. The owner of the token is able to view the file associated with the token when he visits the interface; in this case a Waves Mania site page (like the Rewards page).

As Smart assets are set to be released on Waves Main net in the upcoming weeks, we are super excited to see how WavesMania will grow and expand on its current functionality and we look forward to the countless hours spent having fun on their platform.

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