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We are long-standing supporters of fair trade (local & sustainable) and of the organic movement.

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We consider ourselves food pioneers, with our ethics remaining the core of our business

Our factory and facilities are 100% vegan friendly.

We are long-standing supporters of fair trade (local & sustainable) and of the organic movement.

  • Pestos
  • Condiments,
  • Cheeses,
  • Chocolates,
  • Oils,
  • Nuts,
  • Raw ingredients
We manufacture and distribute products for our own award winning Shiitake mushroom-based artisan food brand, as well as for other artisan producers and small farmers. 

We supply to chefs, as well as wholesale to the public nationwide.
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Jules Harris

Jules is a 70’s child, born in London. Her fascination for medicinal plants and mushrooms started while studying the Chinese Language at Leeds University. Her studies took her into amazing spaces of self-discovery.

Her understanding of both western and eastern thinking has led to a curious fusion in the food she creates. Hemp Seed & Coriander. Shitake mushrooms with olives. She has lived and travelled all over the world. She currently chooses Kommetjie, the south tip of the Cape coast of storms as home and base to run her real vegan, sustainable, eco food company. She sees a world at peace, everyone eating vegan food and endless time to stare at the sea and the clouds.

She dreams about cookbooks, new recipes and always deals with the end of the day question. Whats for dinner mum? With style, grace and finesse. The Real Food Factory is exactly that. An artwork in motion. A fusion of cultures, flavours and sacred places from all places on this beautiful planet earth.

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